WIQCA Speaker Resources

Resources for speakers interested in presenting at WIQCA events ✨🔮

What kind of talks are accepted for WIQCA events?

Currently, we have two regular talk series:

  • Quantum 101: talks that are aimed at a general audience (generally technical folks, but no quantum specific expertise).
  • Research Seminars: more technical, research focused talks with an aim of late undergrad level expertise, but is flexable given the topic.

Talk slots for both catagories are usually 45 min long, but can be adjusted as needed. We generally try to record all of our talks so that folks in other timezones can enjoy, but upon request of the speaker we can skip that, no problem!

You can see examples of both kinds of talks on our YouTube channel. We are building up the video catalog now, most of our initial events were not recorded as they were in person 😅

As a reminder, all WIQCA talks are goverened by our Code of Conduct. Help us make this an inclusive event by familiarizing yourself with the Code of Conduct, and by ensuring that your talk is appropriate for this venue before submitting.

How can I submit or request a talk?

Fill out this Google form!

Submissions will be reviewed ASAP, and if accepted the submitter will be contacted to confirm the date and time for the talk. If you have any questions about your submission, please send us an email at speakers@wiqca.dev.

Sweet, I got accepted, what happens now?

As soon as accepted:

The WIQCA team will follow-up with you to find a good date and time for the talk, at least 2 weeks out from the date of acceptance to ensure we can market the talk.

One week before:

For Quantum 101 talks only: Someone from the team will reach out to check in on the talk prep, and are happy to help workshop or provide feedback on the content. We want to make sure that the 101-style talks are true to the spirit, and will really engage the target audience in an accessible way.

About one week out from the talk, the WIQCA team will check in with the speaker to see if there are any questions or issues that have arisen. As a part of that check in, we will do a tech check to make sure that all of the streaming and screensharing will work properly for the big day! We currently are using Teams to host our talks, which you should be able to use from either a free desktop app or directly in your browser. We will test the Teams connection, audio, video, and any demos you might want to do to make sure everyone will be able to see what awesome stuff you are showing!

The day of:

One hour before the talk, the speaker and WIQCA team will do one last tech check to make sure all the devices are working properly. We can help with any last questions, and run through our speaker checklist:

  • Water/drink handy
  • Any doors/windows closed for best audio environment
  • Slides and/or demos are up and running
  • Pet has enough treats 🐕

When the start time comes, we will get the call started and make sure you are invited/have the join link. We start most events with about 10 minutes of chatting while everyone arrives, so that people who have meetings right up until the event can get a brief break. Durning the talk, your WIQCA moderator will introduce you as well as handle questions from chat (if you like). We can either collect questions for the end or help the chat by inturrupting when appropriate with questions. After talks, we usually have a few minutes for any additional questions as well as time for you the speaker to promotote what you are excited about!

After the talk:

Unless the speaker opts out, all WIQCA talks will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel, primarily for folks that are in different timezones. If you want to preview the video before we upload, let us know!

Other questions/concerns/comments?

Please send them our way! You can drop us a line via email (speakers@wiqca.dev), ping us on Twitter, or file an issue on this repo with your feedback and questions 💖