Quantum 101: The many worlds of Schrödinger's cat

This is part of the Quantum 101 talk series, featuring speakers giving inclusive introductions to quantum computing and related topics.

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You can find Sarah’s slides on her website and the recording on YouTube !

In this installment of the Quantum 101 series, Sarah Marshall from Microsoft Quantum will be talking about quantum games.

Games are a great way to learn new concepts and ideas, and quantum physics is no exception. In this session, Sarah will share with us a project she has been working on called Superposition, a game that teaches its players quantum mechanics. We will learn the game mechanics, and Sarah will show us how the internals of the game were designed and coded. And of course there will be a live demo too!

We will be hosting this event online, and as always, everyone is welcome at WIQCA events 💖.

  • WHAT: Quantum 101: The many worlds of Schrödinger’s cat with Sarah Marshall
  • WHEN: 30 July 2020, 5pm PDT
  • WHERE: On Teams, join link will be here at the time of the meeting: https://bit.ly/quantum101-games
  • RSVP: Meetup