Quantum 101: Quantum Hardware Control

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You can find Guen’s slides here!

This is part of the Quantum 101 talk series, featuring speakers giving inclusive introductions to quantum computing and related topics.

In this installment of the Quantum 101 series, Guen Prawiroatmodjo from Microsoft Quantum will be talking about quantum hardware control.

Guen (she/her) is a Dutch quantum physicist, software engineer at Microsoft Quantum, and has worked on building software systems to help connect quantum software to devices. In this talk, she will introduce a few different quantum hardware platforms, as well as explain how to control them to run quantum algorithms.

We will be hosting this event online with some networking opportunities starting at 5 and we will start the talk at 5:15. As always, everyone is welcome at WIQCA events 💖.

  • WHAT: Quantum 101: Quantum Hardware Control with Guen Prawiroatmodjo
  • WHEN: 31 August 2020, 5pm PDT
  • WHERE: On Teams, join link will be here at the time of the meeting: http://bit.ly/quantum101-hwcontrol
  • RSVP: Meetup