Quantum 101: Quantum Technologies in Space

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This is part of the Quantum 101 talk series, featuring speakers giving inclusive introductions to quantum computing and related topics.

In this installment of the Quantum 101 series, Sonali Mohapatra (@sonalysmic) will be talking about quantum technologies in space. In this talk, Sonali will describe the necessity to move to quantum encryption and the use of space as an enabler for obtaining a global QKD network. She will showcase advancements made in that sector and discuss various missions and challenges ahead.

Sonali works jointly as a space quantum technologies developer at the space company Craft Prospect and holds an IAA fellowship at the university of Strathclyde where she researches and develops early stage quantum technologies for applications in space. Currently she is part of the technical team of the upcoming CubeSat mission: ROKS which will demonstrate satellite to earth QKD.

Her background is in quantum gravity with a host of interdisciplinary experience in AI, optics, electronics, quantum computing and so on. Sonali is also passionate about scientific outreach and is a science writer and public speaker. She has experience in EDI consulting with international organizations.

She is the founder of the queer/feminist platform Carved Voices and is the author of the poetry collection Leaking Ink.

We will be hosting this event online a bit earlier than normal to accommodate different time zones. As always, everyone is welcome at WIQCA events, and the talks will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel ASAP 💖.

  • WHAT: Quantum 101: Quantum Hardware Control with Sonali Mohapatra
  • WHEN: 21 September 2020, 9AM PDT
  • RSVP: Meetup